About this project

Your travels - on the map!

A lot of travelers writes they own blogs, or write stories on travel forums. This site attempts to link your story about some place with point on the map.

In the future, you don't need to review hundreds of pages in the forum to find your story abouth the place you visited. Just find it place on the map - and you will see all the links to your stories, notes of your friends, and stories of another travellers who have visit this place.

How to add the point on map?

It is easy: just login (using Facebook or entering email-password), find the place on the map, abjust best map zoom, then right-click on map by mouse, and enter name, description, and url of your story about this place. Points cal be joined in path (route), it will draw on the map as a line.

Mobile app

That's not all! We are creating application for smartphone. Soon you can see how far your friends from you (if they allowed it), make check-ins, add new points and notes on map from your phone, and online draw your way on the map automatically.